How To Build Free Mobile Websites

Just like laptops have replaced desktop computers in popularity, mobile devices of all types are the computing devices of the future.

This not only has to do with technology advances, but the fact that younger people all prefer using mobile phones and mobile computers. Future generations are being trained to be the mobile consumers of a new kind of Internet. The Mobile Web!

Building Recurring Online Income

It is pretty amazing to often read blog and forum posts that people have not figured out ways to make money online. This is still quite possible, but not always easy at first. If you are not tech savvy or computer savvy, then there are obviously many things you will have to learn.

After trying just about every online money making scheme, most people will discover that they need to find a few techniques that have worked for others, and then model and master a few of those techniques. New micro-task sites like Fiverr are a great place to start and becoming an Adsense publisher, or developing a system for affiliate sales are still things to consider.

These kind of ways to make money online are not very glamorous, and to be honest most of these methods are quite boring and time intensive. Nevertheless, success is in the numbers and if you can manage to build a large network of blogs and websites over a period of time, then you will be glad you invested the time.

Here is another tip. Look into mobile websites and text messaging, as this is where all the future growth is expected.

The best part is that many of these types of online business models involve doing something in a cookie-cutter fashion that can be replicated over-and-over for recurring income for many years to come. If you are smart about it, you can even train someone else to do all the work.

Mobile Web Directory Network

If you are a true digital nomad and working online, you probably know that the mobile web is going to be the next big iteration of the net. Another thought is that if you are involved with web marketing, or build websites, then you better learn about mobile marketing and how to build mobile websites.

SEO is also different for the mobile web versus the traditional web. One good place to start is by submitting sites to mobile directories, and many of these are still free to submit for now. You can submit your site for free in a new directory at, which also can be viewed as a lightweight version for mobile at or a dot Mobi version at This is a true network of related sites that should help with SEO, since the search engines have determined that they will be indexing mobile sites separately from traditional websites to avoid any perceived duplicate content issues. Google also has indicated that they will serve up a scaled-down version of regular websites on mobile devices to make download time more efficient.

The main website directory is equipped with the Google Translator tool, so even a website about "Schrumpfschlauch" can potentially be translated into over 50+ languages.

I was involved in building these directory sites and it is my first large project involving the mobile web. Part of this project also involves a blog that gets updated with news and info. You can read that at The Mobile Web Directory Blog. Leave comments or questions, too.

Thousands of Newspapers Available Online

Are newspapers old school? There is much in all the news media about how everything is becoming digital, and we do like all the options for getting information in a wireless and virtual way.

In fact, that is all part of being digital. However, there is something to be said about reading a newspaper at breakfast with a cup of coffee in a cafe, or spending a few hours reading a Sunday edition in a leisurely fashion.

There may not always be newspapers as we know them today, but you still can still currently read online newspapers by finding your favorite newspaper on the net. You can find your favorite paper online with a search for an index from your computer no matter where you happen to be.

Where Would You Live and Work If You Had A Choice?

As a digital nomad you can dream of places you might want to make a more permamnet place to hang out. On the top of my list of places to at least visit to consider would be Costa Rica. I have to admit that I have not yet been there, but over the years I have met people from there, or people that liked to go there for vacations, and even as a second home.

I had college students from Costa Rica when I taught, and all they did was rave about their home country. I worked for the owner of an advertising agency in Chicago that used to go there to scuba dive back when it was still relatively undiscovered. I also had a business partner once that had close friends that owned rental property there with plans to become permanent residents.

Costa Rica is known for its beauty, and according to the New Economics Foundation, Costa Rica ranks as the first in a Happy Planet Index as the "greenest" country of the world. It also is supposed to be easy to live there with investment opportunities available. Some people manage to start or buy a business to cater to the tourist industry like Car Rental Costa Rica.

The great thing about being digital is you can take a virtual business with you just about wherever you go. You just need to be sure you have access to the Internet. Costa Rica is credited with having relatively modern telecom infrastructure, and also has the second highest Internet penetration in Latin America.