Extreme Telecommuting - An Office Odyssey

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So what exactly is "Extreme Telecommuting", and how does it fit in with an "Office Odyessy"? Undoubtedly, if you are reading this blog you already know about and have an interest in the concept of telecommuting.

Well, extreme telecommuting is exactly what you might expect.

Since I am interested in anything virtual, I spend a lot of time researching and reading websites to see what folks are up to and how they have done it. I recently came across a website called "Office Odyssey".

It was created by Sid and Kristanne Heaton in the late 90s. The website has not been updated for some time, but it is still fun to see how the Heaton's have documented their adventures and how they accomplished being some of the first digital road warriors.

In 1997 they started their original "Office Odyssey", packed their lives into backpacks and with laptop computers hit the road. They were true digital nomads, traveling first through North America and then Europe, Sid maintained his regular job as a technical writer for a software company back in California.

I recently exchanged emails with Sid for an update. They have been permabased for about six years, and they decided it was best to have a fixed address while they started a family. However, Sid still telecommutes full-time.

The Heatons now have two small children, but have plans to hit the road again with children in tow. Let's hope they update their new adventures on their website, which I am sure they will. Next time around they are sure to have many more technical tools and toys for their backpacks.

You can revisit their travels at
"Office Odyessy"

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