Important Blogging Changes for Three of The Digital Nomad's Blogs

(Archived in: Related Miscellany Weblogs and Business)

The "Famous Technomads" link has been moved to the "Digital Nomads" blog. There is a redesign in progress of three blogs so that they are more market specific, more valuable, and more on topic for readers.

The "Technical Nomads" blog has been renamed "The SOHO Quest" (Small Office-Home Office = SOHO), and will deal with reviews and resources mainly for people wanting to telecommute, or work-from-home in a virtual office environment.

The "Digital Nomad" blog will now deal with reviews and resources specific to those needing a more Portable Office that they want to take with them on the road, or when they travel.

A new blog named "The Sovereign Journey" is being implemented as a resource for individuals investigating or looking to relocate to another country, and will deal more with the issues of personal freedom, and living and working as an expatriate.

All three blogs will still be concerned with emerging technologies, ecommerce, and working online. Depending on what your interests are, you may want to bookmark all three sites, sign up for automatic email updates, or subscribe via Feedburner. All three blogs are owned, monitored and updated by The Digital Nomad.