NetZero Offers No-Cost Bandit Local Phone Numbers

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For those on the go that need to maintain a local area code and telephone number,
offers a simple solution called PrivatePhone. Some of the free features include:

1. Signing up is easy and FREE!
2. Get voicemail alerts in email or on your cell phone.
3. Check your voicemail over the phone or online.
4. No contract, credit cards, or extra equipment required.
5. Select from area codes from most cities.

Safely stay in touch with all your favorite online communities and blogs. Use the number to shop online and keep telemarketers from calling your personal home or cell phone numbers. Use your numbers in your online advertising so you can stay on top of inquiries, but put a curb on unnecessary interruptions. You can even get additional numbers in different location for business, or have a local number for out-of-town friends and family.

Combine this with a good VoIP service, Skype, or even a low-cost calling card, and you will be more efficient and save on calling costs at the same time.

This is a great and free service with lots of applications for the portable professional. Let's hope that NetZero will keep it "Free". You can read about all the features and sign up at PrivatePhone.

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