The Portable Professional Hits The Road Again

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I just received an email from Mark McMahon, The Portable Professional. He is one of the "Technomads" I have featured in my "Famous Techomads" link on my other blog "Technical Nomads" . You can access that blog from my About Panel to the right.

Mark is headed for Medellin Colombia next week and is going to use the trip as an excuse to relaunch his "Live Your Adventure" and "Portable Professional" ezines.

Mark also mentioned that he will be starting a blog on

Mark is a man after my own heart, for he has already accomplished much of what my goals are: A successful online business presence, and the ability to travel and work from just about anywhere.

I know that he is also revamping his original ebook, The Portable Professional and has plans to offer an affiliate program.

I will be posting any updates I receive from Mark to both of my blogs. I am sure that Mark will be taking lots of great photographs, and will have some great stories about his adventure in Colombia.