Extreme Technology for The Portable Professional

(Archived in: Online Usability Technology in Plain English)

The Digital Nomad is doing research in preparation to write some articles and reviews with respect to products of interest for "extreme telecommuting". WiFi and Satellite applications will be of special interest.

The innovations of wireless communications continue to be very exciting, and many forward thinkers have the belief that the nascent wireless broadband Internet will develop to become as pervasive as the current Information Highway.

As new hardware and software solutions improve mobile data applications, users will continue to migrate towards working in a ubiquitous or virtual workspace.

Two companies that I am interested in are "Rugged Notebooks" and "Top Global USA". Rugged Notebooks makes computers with extreme conditions in mind. Top Global USA concentrates on 3/G WiFi routers, and developed a product they patented as MobileBridge, which is a mobile/portable wireless communications gateway.

If you have any experience with either company, or any other companies like this, please post a comment.

Update: Here is a link to another interesting article titled, "Lightening the load for digital nomads". It describes the gear this UK nomad (Victor Keegan) is using.

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