The Future Battle for the Digital Nomad

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As nascent technologies converge to provide better products and services to an increasingly mobile society, a battle continues for market share. It is generally believed that wireless broadband applications will at some point effectively compete with, and possibly in the future be more pervasive than, what we know as the Internet of today. See the article The Mobile Society, E-commerce and Everything "E", or read Mobile Society archived here.

A small nine page report by The Boston Consulting Group, entitled "The Battle for the Digital Nomad" gives an overview of this scenario. The report can be downloaded as a pdf file at Free Report.

The report describes how the Digital Nomad has influenced the design of products and services, based on four objectives, as a result of needs and behavior. The four objectives as defined by this whitepaper are: "Convenience of Mobility", "Extension to Current Media", "Control of Content", and "Economy of Service".

As of the writing of the whitepaper, the wireless industry boasted 2 billion subscribers worldwide. The challenges presented for device makers and application vendors is illustrated in a chart included in the report.

The report goes on to conclude that the convergence of "digital media" and "fixed-mobile" technology has been promised to consumers for some time, and that Digital Nomads continue to be the focal point for industry convergence opportunities.

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