Microsoft Reportedly Says "Tell Me" Your Secrets for $800 Million

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I noted this over at and wanted to make a quick post before I forgot about it. Seems Microsoft is showing more interest in voice technology products sourced from outside. You can read the full article at "Tell Me News". This is not a cinched deal, but reported to be close, and was reported by TechCrunch in February.

"Tellme" is voice recognition software used for voice activated telecommunications directory assistance. Granted it not a very sexy market niche, but I think this will be a trend for cash cow Microsoft.

In the future we should see less territorial defense of the the old hunting grounds, and more inroads to proven service niches without MS doing all the development. So, be looking for more acquisitions...which I believe is the Google model.

As "Restless Digital Nomads" move away from the office and depend on more mobility, Microsoft will have its own paradigm shift. It may take years, but just think about the fact that the Internet is only about 15 years old.

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