On the Digital Nomad Trail

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Here are a few quick updates. I am finding there are more and more Digital Nomads online everyday. It is not a particularly popular search term, but anyone that sees or hears the term knows immediately what the connotation is.

Today I want to present a challenge for anyone that happens upon my particular space, and ask for your help in creating more community. As an example, I was on MyBlogLog and have added Gregory Moulinet as one of my contacts. Gregory is a graphic designer and a Forex online trader living in France, but also spending time in the US and Japan. Check out his various Nomad blogs. One is even in Japanese. They are Nomad Designer, Nomad Design, and Nomatrader.

All three of his websites reference the keyword Nomad in one way or another. Gregory definitely is a Digital Nomad with his business interests based online. So, back to the challenge.

If you live as a Digital Nomad, or have a business related Nomadic life, I will mention you in a future post with a link to your blog. My blogs all have the central theme of living as a Digital Nomad, from working out of your home, on the road (this blog), or working from a foreign country (extreme telecommuting).

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