Open Source Software Is Now Becoming an Overwhelming "Oh-Oh" in Many More Ways Than One

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" urges Dell's CEO to respond to customer demand and bundle's free software alternative to Microsoft Office with Dell's computers"

This was in my email inbox this morning from a press release service. Here it is in part:

"In an open letter released today, the community invites Michael Dell to work with them to pre-install 2 office software on Dell computers. Dell's own IdeaStorm website has recorded an overwhelming customer demand for this feature, currently showing over 70,000 requests for 2.

The community is the home of the leading free software competitor to Microsoft's Office suite. The letter claims that 2 software and Dell hardware make a perfect match, sharing identical values of delivering high quality at unbeatable value.
A joint development by Dell and raises the prospect of an " supplied by Dell" product, with finance from Dell helping to built security for the open-source community."

Interesting, as it seems the push for open source is becoming more newsworthy again these days. I have made comments in several posts to other blogs that I believe as the concept of 2.0 and wireless become more pervasive, online apps will also become more pervasive. Maybe not for big business because of IT security issues, but for the Portable Professional and Digital Nomads for sure.

I have been following this for some time, including online office suites like "Google Apps Premier Edition", and "ZOHO". Microsoft has always brushed the idea aside (see this article and return to this page), but seems to have finally entered the fray. You can find from recent news releases that they can see competition of things "Free" (or near free) is predicted to eventually loosen the grip on users.

If you read TechCrunch, you know that they stay on top of this. The battle for online storage systems also continues with services like OmniDrive. I continue to test the usability of these products and services and intend to write more articles and posts.

You can download the "Open Office" software for free by following the link on my sidebar.

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