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This is a test I have created to test publishing a post to a blog from Google Writely. In this case the blog is

The purpose of the test is two-fold. The first is to obviously test the functionality of "Writely" for posting to a blog, and the second is to to test if there is a benefit in terms of creating backlinks from Google that could possibly increase page rank over time through consistent, or frequent postings from Google "Docs & Spreadsheets".

As I create this document, I am using many of the functions from the Writely toolbar with similar and familiar looking icons at the top of the document window. There also is a function to edit in HTML, and a preview, print, and email function.

It may also be that this becomes easier and has more usability than typing in notepad and cutting and pasting as you edit posts or articles for posting to the Internet.

This Digital Nomad believes that "Free Office Suite" programs like this one provided by Google, and others, such as "Open Office" may one day become the standard for the next generation of the web as a wireless and mobile interface becomes more pervasive.

I have created a few links in this post to see how they translate to the blog post, and too see if it will have to be re-edited in the HTML edit function.

I do see a couple of things that I will have to edit, since there is no way to create "tags", and it does not appear that a headline for the post can be created from this document, and will have to be inserted in the blog layout.

Update: It did work...and I did have to edit some of the HTML code for the outbound links.

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