Sprint-Nextel Next in Line to Bash Vonage

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is a great concept and the technology will only improve. I used to be a Vonage subscriber, and generally liked the service except for occasional quality glitches, and the fact that if your Internet service is down then you do not have telephone service. Customer service was lacking as well with long hold times (12-18 months ago). The pricing of the service plan still made it a good value.

So, I am not a Vonage basher per se, but do want to keep abreast of the current market with updates to the company's pending legal woes. What follows is an excerpt from a news report today. To read the full story go to this online article by Jim Duffy. This is on the heels of the lost suit to Verizon.

"In October 2005, Sprint Nextel filed a suit against Vonage and two other VOIP providers claiming the companies violated seven patents on technology for processing and delivering packetized voice and data, including VOIP. Its suit in U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas, in Kansas City, Kan., seeks an injunction against further infringement and unspecified monetary damages."

If your plans are to be a true Digital Nomad, and depending on the extent of your mobility needs, VOiP may not even figure into your plans until there is a large and consistent wireless network overlap. Driving around looking for WiFi Hot Spots should not be part of any Nomad's plan.

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