Twitter and Tumblr: Online Usability, or Just More Amusing Diversions?

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Here is yet another free service recently launched that is something between a Blog and Twitter. You can use it for short posts (Tumblelogs), as additional exposure to feed readers from your favorite blogs, and and as another way to promote online.

I am not a big fan of Twitter, because the website is slow, and the whole idea seems to be time consuming and invasive. Yang-May Ooi in the UK seems to like it. Read a few posts about her Twitter experience (return to this post). Another blog review that mirrors my opinion is "Unimpressed with Twitter".

Tumblr was "dugg" on Digg a few days ago. Who know where it will lead and how popular it will become. It is also similar to Ziki. If you are not familiar with Ziki, you can read about it at my Sovereign Journey post. SuperGlu is another...hey what has happened to all the "e"s?

It seems like the blogosphere is getting crowded with a new launch of such truncated services popping up on a weekly basis. Check into it, and make a comment or two with your thoughts. Maybe it will become a useful tool for people on the go, including Digital Nomads.

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