Can Vonage Sign New Customers, or Not?

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I have been for some time reporting that I don't believe Vonage will be able to survive the pressures related to all of its legal woes and money problems. Time to move on and look for an alternative, because even a lawyer for this VoIP provider seems to indicate the company will have trouble surviving (see SlashDot post and return to this post).

Others will certainly step in to fill the service gap for VOiP, cable companies have provided some of the pressure on Vonage along with traditional phone companies with their "me-too" services.

Following are two articles that reference other options, while we wait to see what happens when the smoke clears with the courts.

These are reviews of free, low-cost, or Skype-like services: Ten Alernatives to Skype, and 10-Skype-Alternatives. Gizmo is not great, and I have yet to test Jah Jah and GoogleTalk for lack of a peer-to-peer connection.

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