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Guest Post with Peter Haslam

I recently received an email from Peter Haslam about "Digital Nomads" and decided to answer in a post and a meme with Peter as a guest poster. We are seeking information on how you define what it means to be a digital nomad.

Our definition of the term is a person who needs mobile technology to conduct business while on the road which could be within a city, between cities or from other countries. Nomads are not location dependent except through personal choice and could be employed by a business or be freelancers.

This is a growing trend with the uncertainties of long term employment with a single company and rapid changes in emerging technologies, and there is a different mindset required to be successful. If you are as interested in this lifestyle, we would like to ask you 3 questions and then, if you would, forward this on to some people on your contact list at your discretion. Thank you and we appreciative your helping in this endeavor.

  1. What do you feel is the key attitude to being successful in this lifestyle?

  2. What is the biggest drawback for you in being a digital nomad?

  3. What do you consider to be the minimum essential equipment you currently have or would be buying in the future?

Meme instructions:

Do a post answering the questions with a link back to this post so the people you tag can read the original post and Peter and I can follow the answers. Create a link back to the person that tagged you for the meme and then link your list of bloggers you have tagged.

We tag the following Nomads:

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