New Hope for Digital Nomads as WiFi Gets a Boost from Intel

(Archived in: Online Usability Technology in Plain English)

Both good news and bad news for Digital Nomads that rely on WiFi. The good news is that Intel is testing a directional antenna that boosts the range of WiFi signals up to 60 miles (Most current WiFi only transmits a couple hundred feet).

The bad news is that this technology has been designed for developing countries and it will not be available anytime soon in the US and Europe.

A recent article at CNET reveals that the technology is similar to WiMax, but without the need for government licensing for radio spectrum. Another big difference is that WiMax towers cost about twenty times more than the expected cost of the new long range WiFi towers on the drawing board.

At least we know that the technology is on its way. This again shows a move towards more wireless capability and accessibility for mobile Interweb users, and at a low cost of service (probably free when used from a WiFi hotspot).

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