Online Usability of Online Apps

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I am still wading through the pros and cons of using online apps that are abundant on the Internet, including ZOHO, and ThinkFree (with more to come).

Of course, none of these will probably ever displace Microsoft in the 9-5 workplace cubicle, but they are certainly handy for the small business entrepreneur and Digital Nomads. Much has previously been written on this in the way of reviews.

Although Open Office is not truly an online office suite, I still lean towards it, since it is readily accessible, and I like the fact it is open source sponsored by Sun Microsystems, works across so many platforms, and is becoming an international standard of sorts. It's simply not going to go away.

Besides, Google Pack will continue to improve, and probably will gobble up anything "new and innovative" of merit to integrate into their online offerings, as the market for online apps continues to mature in the next few years.

For a few reasons not to jump on the Vista bandwagon just yet, visit this Thinking Blog Post and pick up a list of free Microsoft replacement applications.

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