Steekr Online Announces Drive Drive

(Archived in: Online Usability Technology in Plain English)

That's not a typo...the new storage tool is named "DriveDrive", and could be useful to Digital Nomads.

Today Steekr launched the public beta of Steekr DriveDrive. This is online storage that gives you access to your Steekr space directly inside Windows Explorer. You can use Steekr like you would use a simple USB key.

The download is free and is only 4MB. In the email I received, Steekr cautions that it is still a beta version and has not been tested as a full release. So, it may behave unexpectedly, and you may loose your data. I am still in the process of writing a review of Steekr vs. OmniDrive, and how these online storage services may be beneficial to Digital Nomads in combination with ZOHO and the New Open Office 2.2.

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