What's In Your Digital Back Pack?

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A lifestyle? A business model? Your portable worldwide e-commerce portfolio? Greg Moulinet and Yoko Chiba can answer yes to all of the above. They run several virtual businesses now mostly from there new base in Japan.

These are cross-cultural enterprises by design with interests in Europe, the United States and Asia. Over the past few years you may have heard the terms technomad, digital nomad, new nomad, virtual workers, and wireless road warriors. All good descriptions of what this duo and their network of freelance design professionals pursue on a daily basis. Moulinet also trades his personal Forex trading account online.

They answer e-mails, maintain financial portfolios, and run remote online businesses from their laptops from wherever they happen to be. Greg has written an article of what comprised his digital pack back when he first envisioned his portable business back in 2002. Go to his MyBlogLog profile to view the business websites and blogs.

This is an ongoing report of "how and what" various digital nomads are utilizing to meet the demands of running an online business.

Resources for Portable Professionals and Extreme Telecommuting