WTF is Technorati's "WTF"

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Have you ever played around with Technorati's "Where's The Fire"? I think it is a mystery to many bloggers. When I first signed up for Technorati I checked it out and never went back.

There is a tutorial over at Dosh Dosh that shows how you may be able to use WTF to increase traffic. When you read the Dosh Dosh post, you might want to go ahead and vote for it, as the blog is keeping tabs on the traffic stats to see if it is worthwhile.

There also are some posts at that are specific to Technorati issues, including this post about "Technorati Profile and WTF". I suspect that if anyone discovers that WTF is a viable way to increase traffic, everyone will jump on the bandwagon.

Everything about Technorati can seem to be a mystery, from lost links to unanswered email. I lost half of my links recently without any real explanation.

I call Technorati the Illuminati of the Blogosphere.

Update 4/06/07: Check out the current results of the test at Dosh Dosh Update.

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