Cell Phone with PC-like Features Could Soon Be a Digital Dream Come True

(Archived in: Extreme Computing Technology in Plain English)

As things get more compact from the hardware side, and wireless providers sort out interface and transmission standards, it could be the cell phone industry that is the big winner in the battle for the Digital Nomad and the Portable Professional.

In doing research for the Rugged Notebooks Blog, the "smaller is better" mantra keeps creeping up. Take a look at this recent post to see how Intel and Microsoft would like nothing more than to replace laptops and notebooks with minitablets and UMPCs (return to this post).

Don't count the cell phone out though, because it may win out in the end for "everyday-on-the-go" voice and data transmission. In fact, cheap cell phones combined with PC-like features just may be the platform of choice when it is all said and done.

There more than likely will always be some overlap of devices, platforms, and services, but telephony seems to always have the upper hand due to a legacy network capable of rapid expansion to a more pervasive wireless infrastructure, and a large user base that does not have to be won over.

Let's face it...most folks are familiar with and understand the cell phone.

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