Digital Nomad the Book and Dot Com

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Here, long overdue, is presented the
inspiration for this blog, my moniker, and the future domain name The book, "Digital Nomad" was authored in 1995 by Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners.

I have been well aware of this book, but am embarrassed to admit that I not yet have had the chance to read it. Yet, in many ways the concept of this book is somehow responsible for my current thinking, my interest in online marketing, and my faith in technology as a means to create more personal choice given the world we live in today.

I feel somehow I know what this book is all about even without having yet read it. Below is a partial editorial review of the book as quoted from the Amazon website.
"New digital technologies promise to enable large numbers of people to work wherever and whenever they wish and to choose between a stationary or nomadic lifestyle. In Digital Nomad, Makimoto and Manners explore the new potential for modern nomadism, beginning with the technology that is making it possible. They cite some examples of current nomads, such as the president of a major European technology company who does not have the traditional perk of the president's office. Instead, he spends his workweek traveling around Europe from one company site to the next. Digital technology has made it more economical and efficient for the company to work this way. But the authors point out that there is more to nomadism than the technical ability. They discuss how nomads tend to be difficult to track, making them difficult to tax and control. Many governments see nomads as threats and some governments are currently discouraging nomadic lifestyles that have existed for thousands of years. How will world governments react then to those who opt for a high-tech nomadic life? The authors also discuss what parts of the world may be most attractive to tomorrow's digital nomads, speculating on how future technological developments may further enhance the ability to live and work on the go..."

My plans are to move this blog to the url in the near future.

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