Digital Nomads and Rugged Notebooks, Inc.

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The Digital Nomad will finally be delving into the hardware side of extreme computing and things being digital in a very meaningful way. Much research on the subject has lead to being involved in the launch of a new niche blog, and a regular contributor to "The Rugged Notebooks Blog".

Transparency and disclosure issues have been an integral part of this decision. How do you learn and present the many features and benefits of the various products and companies represented in this very special niche category? The answer is get involved, read more reviews, analyze data, and report the findings in a factual manner at

This is an opportunity to learn first hand from industry insiders. There is a fine line between reporting and promoting, and the challenges will include writing objectively about Rugged Notebooks and competitive products in a fair and balanced light, while creating an audience that spans a diverse group of end users.

The central theme will be to combine resources that provide online usability with the platform of blogging for an interactive reader experience (post comments will be monitored for spam).

The concept of business blogs and Social Media Marketing is fairly new, and Rugged Notebooks, Inc. appears to be the first in this business niche to step forward to sponsor the idea.

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