Microsoft Seems Anxious to Enter Online Apps Fray

(Archived in: Online Usability Technology in Plain English)

It does seem silly, and is showing up more in news items and search engines...Microsoft claims to being on board for developing online applications and even some open source friendly software vs. so-called unfriendly programs often used in business.

Now that Linux is being offered in Dell computers, and with the poor reception of Vista also widely reported, perhaps there is no other choice for the software giant. It probably was inevitable, and it's fun to follow the commentary. Read the CNET "Ozzie's Quiet Revolution Interview", and you will think that has been part of the plan all along. Not.

The truth is, nobody for sure can predict how mobile computing will evolve, and what kind of mobile devices and services we will be using in the future. Nothing stays the same, and ten years from now the landscape of personal computing will be a very different world.

Note 5-03-07: Here is an update to the Microsoft Silverlight Project.

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