Profiles of Web 2.0 - A Digital Nomad Feature

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Phil Butler of the multi-author blog,, has done me the honor of featuring this blog and my other online efforts with a post, "Profiles of Web 2.0 - Digital Nomad". Thanks Phil, it's nice to be recognized by peers.

Phil writes great posts on newsworthy items hitting the interwebs at other blogs, too. He often does interviews with CEOs of startup companies like Hakia. I do not know how he does it, but I do enjoy just about everything he digs up. It does not seem like there would be enough hours in the day to follow everything like Phil does.

There has been a nice post written in response to the now old meme about Being a Digital Nomad, originally penned by good friend Peter Haslam. The latest addition is by globogeek, who claims she travels with too much technology, currently located in Paris.

Thanks globogeek, and keep us up to date with your future travels.

I wonder how long we can keep legs on that meme. In a sense it is a global traveler in its own right.

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