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Quality links determine Search Engine popularity and relevancy. Unless your site or blog gets some quality – the popularity you might be gaining with each new post is short lived.

The only way to stay ahead of the game is to get quality backlinks consistently. This is not about link farms, link exchange sites or anything similar. I’m talking about a New Concept – Viralink.

Read the details below to learn how to participate.

This concept was originated by Andy Coates and it is quite different from what you may have previously seen. You can read the full details at Read more details on Andy’s Site and participate by copying and pasting information below to your site:

———copy and paste the Viralink and instructions below this line———

Below is a matrix of 120 stars, I have already added a link to my blog onto one of the stars, all you need to do is copy and paste the grid into your blog or website and add your own link to one of the other spare stars, and tell others to do the same! You also may want to change or edit the first few paragraphs, and the last paragraph to suit your blogging style.



When I receive a ping back once you have added the Viralink to your site I will add your link to this grid, and each person who copies the grid from this blog will also link to your site!

No Porn Sites
One link per person only! (do not hog the viralink!)
DO NOT change or tamper with other individual url’s

Here are how the numbers add up, I will use the term saturation to describe the spread of the Viralink with Zero being your blog 1 being 1 link down, 2 being 2 links down and so on.

Saturation - Backlinks

0 - 0
1 - 3
2 - 12
3 - 39
4 - 93
5 - 336
6 - 1065
7 - 3252
8 - 9813
9 - 29,496
10 - 88,545

The above numbers rely on 3 people copying and pasting the Viralink onto their blog and that being replicated 3 times continuously 10 times. The numbers are quite staggering, there are 119 spaces left on the Viralink from this page and I expect that there will be allot of clones which begin to pop up. The best strategy with this is to start early and tell all of your blog and online friends!

You may be wondering what happens if you are at the end of the chain when the Viralink is full ? What would be the benefit to me? Well there is no reason why you can't add another line of dots to the bottom and keep the process going. You also can start another form, but please retain a link to this site.

———copy and paste the Viralink and instructions above this line———

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