The Interwebs Search for Ultimate Microsoft Replacements

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Introduction to The Series

Part of the original idea for Digital Nomads was to research the interwebs for the information necessary to consider and formulate a personal approach to being digital. This process will now become more the main focus of this blog.

Portability equates to freedom, and this freedom also suggests less dependency on previous norms of the PC world. This results in a natural migration towards new resources and the trial and error of new computing options.

This has included the testing and adoption of so-called MS replacements, running apps on your computer and at a fraction of the cost of a proprietary OS. (Operating System / OSS is an acronym for Open Source Software).

Another approach is to abandon MS-OS altogether and replace it with Linux. This may be the subject of future posts, but for the near future I will be focusing on Online Apps, freeware, and OSS. Although I particularly do fancy the notion of running an operating system from a startup CD somewhere in the future on a Rugged Laptop.

I have tested and am now using a dozen + such Microsoft Substitutes (and others) that are working well, and in some cases better. Many thanks to Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog for the list that I started with on my quest. Below is part of that original list, some of which made my list and some which did not.

Internet Explorer = Mozilla Firefox
Windows Media Player = VLC Player
Windows Firewall = Sunbelt Kerio
Windows Defender = Spybot
Disk Cleanup = CCleaner
Image Viewer = MaxView
WordPad = Abiword
Paint = GimpShop
Desktop = Deskview
Print Screen = Capture
Recycle Bin = Restoration
Font Viewer = Font Lister
Compressed Folders = 7 zip
Disk Defragmenter = Disk Defrag

The blog series will be individual posts devoted to the MS Substitutes I have ended up adopting and the reasons why.

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