Social Networks - Xing Meets Mr. Wong

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Digital Nomads need a way to stay in touch and play a part in groups, even if it is only through being connected via technology.

Recently I asked Peopleized creator, Halil Mandal, about Social Networks in the EU. I have always been puzzled why it is so hard to find online networks outside the Western Hemisphere. Another aspect of this is that US based networks apparently do not discriminate on your whereabouts in the world. Just take a look at all the blogs listed on Blogcatalog and MBL and a fair number are certainly from outside the US of A.

Social Networking continues to be a big deal as Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and other concepts, continue to grow and be defined as part of the Web 2.0 fabric.

There are countless community sites where you can register, create a profile, and start networking. We all pretty much are familiar with the most popular...although "Xing" and "Mr. Wong" sound like they should be in Greater Asia, Halil informs me that these are the biggies in Germany.

Smart Wealthy Rich Dot Com had a post with a list started of the familiar and not so familiar social networks. I have listed these along with 8-10 additions in the links below, and in no particular order. In my opinion, SMM and SMO will continue to be important to blogging and Internet marketing in general.

Andy Beal says 48% of Marketers Will Try Social Networks in 2007. Leave a comment with your suggested additions and this list will be updated.

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