Technorati Favorite Your Friends Auto Tool Update

(Archived in: Social Design Technology in Plain English)

The Ultimate Technorati Favorite Exchange has been around for awhile and has had mixed reaction. This was an "experiment", as is often characterized by Maki at Dosh Dosh, the instigator and purveyor of this particular link train.

Engtech had created a tool to automate "Favs" for those who wanted too return the favor, but did not want to take the labor intense operation into consideration. A couple of things changed quickly in the last weeks or so that put the nil on efforts to use this tool.

First, Technorati redesigned the functionality and usability reporting to their website. Secondly, Engtech bailed from Technorati because of a switch to Wordpress and a personal decision to quit messing with the intricacies and frustrations of the current Technorati ranking system.

Engtech is still with us, but has a spanking new site at Pay this fine Canadian a visit and give homage for taking the time to revamp the automatic favorites tool that did not work after the Technorati page redesign and update. Here is where you can download the new engtech Revamped Technorati Tool.

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