How to Get Google Grand Central Beta Test Invite with No Waiting

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Updates: Google GrandCentral is Now Google Voice. Read all about it at:

Google recently announced the acquisition of an online telephony startup named Grand Central with the terms of the sale undisclosed. Grand Central is a 2007 CNET Webware 100 Winner.

If you know anything about the mythical "Google Phone", Google's willingness to bid billions of dollars in the government auction for a slice of the 700 MHz spectrum, and the reported Google shopping of Dark Fiber...then you may be able to picture what Google is up to in the telephony and wireless market.

The idea of Unified Messaging, or a Virtual PBX using one number access has been promoted by others the likes of "OneBox". Somehow I think Google will really give this legs as a free service. Here is a screen shot of the Grand Central Beta Website. Visit this Features Link to read all about this "one phone number for life" concept.

I finally was able to garner some invites after trying to join the beta test since this first hit the news. I have tested my new number in combination with JAJAH and it works just fine.

Updates: Again, I have "ZERO" invites left to hand out. However, leave a comment to this post and check back for updates to this blog (P4 in comments below has invites). I will continue to post any new information I have on the Grand Central invitations.

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