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Series Number One


This is the first in a series of posts dealing with applications to replace MS applications. I still am running on Windows XP for the time being. However, I am using a limited number of Microsoft applications (accessories on rare occasions like paint and calculator) and IE when I have no choice, because of the interface with a particular website, or for an online download.

Otherwise I am using freeware/shareware, open source, and online applications as replacement software. The appeal of this is the desire to trim things down, be more frugal with resources, and to create a personal trend towards portability and online usability. I have decided this is a large part of becoming a Digital Nomad. Not all posts will deal specifically with MS alternatives. These posts will include gadgets, tools, and other utilities found, tested, and adopted along the way.

First thing I wanted to do was make some changes to my data storage and my old habit of having a cluttered desktop. I wiped my HDD and did a clean install of XP. I have an 80-Gig External Maxtor HD for backup and data storage.

I have a second 40-Gig internal HDD on my PC that can be used for storage and as a slave, but I regularly do backups and eventually move all data files onto the external drive, other storage media, or free online storage services. I have a "Current Work" folder that I keep in the Docs & Pics, and another desktop folder I have created to keep shortcuts to launch my most often used new applications that is labeled "Apps" (most of these are also shortcuts on my start menu).

In this post I want to briefly discuss a utility called "Deskview". It simply is a small utility that makes desk icons smaller and cleans up your desktop. Below are "before" and "after" screen shots of my current desktop.

Yep, this is my current desktop when it is not in use and everything is neatly stored away. This utility was originally available at http://www.jimcofer.com/geekstuff.htm, but if you try this link you will get an error page saying that the website was recently converted from FrontPage to WordPress.

I will have to research a new download link for the Deskview utility...so check back or leave a comment to this post if you are interested in a download resource.

Note: If you like the Secret XP Theme, it can be downloaded at Samanathon Dot Com.

Update: This Deskview utility can be downloaded as a zip file at http://jimcofer.com/files/deskview.zip.

IMPORTANT NOTE from JIM COFER: I am not the author of deskview.exe, nor do I know how to contact the author of the software. I have no idea if this software is licensed, and if so, what terms are provided in said license. If you are the author of deskview and want me to remove it, or credit you with its authorship, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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