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No doubt if you have been around computers any length of time, you know that Goolge owns the browser market with over a 70% share. Netscape and Opera no longer are contenders, although Navigator shares its roots with Firefox because of the Mozilla Foundation. If you have a hard time understanding the relationship and history between Mozilla, AOL, Netscape, Firefox, and maybe even SeaMonkey, then take the time to read all about it as chronicled in, "Understanding the Relationship and History Between Mozilla and Netscape".

Suffice to say that Firefox and Netscape 8 are not one and the same animal, and that Firefox may well be the Ultimate MS Replacement, as in replacing Internet Explorer. If you don't know why you should switch to Firefox then you need to read "Top 10 Reasons to Switch" , or "Rediscover the Web". You can download the Firefox Browser from either site. Firefox is also the recipient of numerous awards.

From the CNET 2007 Webware 100 Awards:
"Firefox is a free, multiplatform browser. Its popularity is second only to Microsoft's Internet Explorer among Web browsers, but unlike IE, it has open-source code. The result has been an avid development community, filled with people eager to squash bugs and create new functionality. Firefox also has the option to create and use extensions that can add new features or services right on top of the user experience. These add-ons have gotten so popular that Firefox creator Mozilla has created its own directory for users to search and sort through them. The latest release of Firefox has integrated some of these extensions, and Mozilla will continue to do so in future developments."

Keep in mind I am only advocating the use of Firefox as a stand alone browser. I currently do not use the SeaMonkey suite, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Minimo, or other Mozilla software that can be found at Mozilla.org (pictured in screen shot above). I always am curious why anybody would hesitate to switch to Firefox, once they do some research and give it a try.

Update: Forgot to mention that you should also download the Google Toolbar with Firefox pictured below.

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