JAHA High Fives the Digital Nomad

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The JAJAH Blog picked up a recent post from this blog and included it along with quotes from the New York Times, USA Today, Techcrunch, and other mainstream media.

Who says bloggers don't get noticed (I know, it's just another blog). Here is what the JAJAH Blog had to say:

"Press and blog coverage is critical to all start-ups because we don't have the resources to do big ad campaigns or run TV commercials. We need the press to carry our message to people around the world. Without the press and bloggers, it's nearly impossible to get the business off the ground.

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to learn and write about us. It is always very appreciated. Thanks!"

Back at you JAJAH...that is some pretty lofty company for the Digital Nomad. Yes, I'm in your target market.

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