Digital Nomads Can Use Portable Apps on USB Flash Drive

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A two-part series on the Rugged Notebooks Blog about using USB Flash Drives and Portable Applications should be of interest. This is a way for digital nomads to transport critical tools for use on any PC, plus providing a good measure of security. This could be for emergency situations, or just another means of carrying some necessities when you are on the run, do not have access to your own laptop, or possibly no access to the Internet and online applications.

This is a good combination for your nomad tool box, so consider this as part of your mobile strategy. Read the series for complete details.

The PortableApps Suite by John T. Haller is a personal preference. The screen shot to the left is of actual downloads.

This as a backup utility and you can pick and choose what software you want to download. That means you don't have to waste valuable drive space for programs that you will seldom or never use. Please leave a comment or two with your thoughts and experience. -Thank You

(USB Flash Drive Photo:

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