Digital Nomads Network Skype and Grand Central with Click2Voice

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Digital Nomads around the globe were recently left Skypless with almost 3 days without service. Is Skype familiar with redundancy? You would think this might be kind of embarrassing. It may be that the problems all started a few days ago with scheduled maintenance on August 15th. For a blow-by-blow account, read the company posts at The Skype Blog.

I reported on The Sovereign Journey about a new and free "skype-like" service called Click2Voice. Digital Nomads will like this service, too. These new API telephony solutions keep popping up all around the world. Evidently, this is a small startup that is eating the initial cost of US and Canadian long distance to attract a user base.

Digital Nomads has tested the service and it operates similar to JAJAH, but with a much simpler online UI. There are limits of only 10 to 15 minutes per call (like GizmoCall, but without the download) depending on whether or not you register. So, there is definitely some viral marketing bait going on here. The owner tells me that this will remain a free service and supported by advertising on the website, possibly a short advert message prior to connecting calls in the future.

Nothing free lasts forever, so jump on board. The most recent post on the Click2Voice Blog gives a run down on using this service with a Skype account to make free international calls. Digital Nomads can combine this with a Google Grand Central number and have a truly mobile office for even extreme telecommuting around the globe.

Update: Check the November 2007 blog posts for updates on using this service with Skype and a Grand Central number.

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