Create A Digital Nomad Private Telephone Network

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Forget Skype and Vonage, here is an alternative on how to create your own digital nomad private VoIP network and VPN. This seems way to easy, but if you watch The Kevin Rose Video below (follow this link and read about it at Revision3 Dot Com and return to this post), and read the open source information for the Asterisk Virtual PBX, you will have have to agree that it is very doable. Another great resource is the website for the Asterisk guru demonstrating the video, John Todd at TalkPlus.

Even if you're a digital nomad, but not a geek, you can probably follow the links, purchase the necessary equipment, and hire a "Techie" to help you implement a full blown telephony solution. This has great potential for large families spread out around the globe, small businesses that have an international scope, and even the proverbial sovereign individual just fed up with government controlled telcos and regulatory issues.

Here is a link to the interesting and very powerful information available at Asterisk Dot Org. My understanding is you can port a Google GrandCentral number into Asterisk using the ATA.

Not every web hosting firm offers this. Yes powweb and netfirms are a rare exception.

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