Flash Memory on Steroids

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I have been reporting about Flash Memory and old and new USB gadgets consistently over at the Rugged Notebooks Blog. It has been interesting researching, and also learning about flash memory. The most recent post is on UFS and potential terabyte memory.

Some of this has come about by reading blogs like Ubergismo and Machines That Go Bing. I never can get over how many new products and gadgets keep being developed. If you want to read or learn more about flash memory and how it works, review the series of articles at HowStuffWorks Dot Com.

This should be of interest to the Digital Nomads and Road Warriors looking for ways to be more compact and portable. Great things are happening with "Nanotechnology" also. I have been reading up and researching anything that has to do with making things smaller and more productive, and will be writing some "nano type" posts in the near future.

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