Google GrandCentral Invitation Updates

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To all of you that scan and don't read...The Digital Nomads blog DOES NOT have any Google GrandCentral invites left at this time. If you act quickly and visit and leave a comment at Flavaofblog, you may get one of 10 invites available.

Google GrandCentral is not really a new concept, but the reason you might want to get one of these "One Number" for life numbers is because Google is involved. This may be part of the play for the highly speculated Gphone and some yet undisclosed plan for the third wireless network.

If you follow telephony developments like Digital Nomads, then you have to know that Google is up to something that will most likely dwarf the likes of the iPhone by comparison..and it's not likely to be what has been reported as only vapor technology.

Graphics credit: Grand Central Website

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