Nanobots and The Google Space Prize

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Since I have been interested lately in Nanotechnology, I think it's time to make an occasional post regarding things "nano". This may at first appear to be off topic, however, I can see how this new science will certainly affect technological advances to benefit Digital Nomads.

One thing that came to mind is the Google Lunar X Prize and the race to space in the private sector. Given that the first prize is only $20 million, it may be that a "Nano Space Program" is the only way to win this one. This would involve micro-engineering the necessary spacecraft and robotics to reduce the costs of materials and fuel necessary to create a private moon launch on a budget (government projects for NASA and nano projects like India's ISRO already exist).

Actually, the set of videos in this first post feature both "micro-robotics" and nano-robotics". A Google Video search yields plenty to review. Unfortunately, some of it is not very serious science. These two videos demonstrate some of the possibilities.

World's Smallest Mobile Robot from CaveMonster on Vimeo.

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