Digital Nomads Easy Target for Asustek Eee

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If you do not know the name Asus, get ready for it to become a household brand, just like Apple and Dell. I have written before about parent company, Asustek, and the fact that they manufacture computers for the likes of Dell and Apple (Mostly Taiwan-China-India/also Worldwide).

Asustek is making a major push to brand their own products, and they are starting by introducing the Eee PC Laptop from $199-$300 and up, depending on the market and features. The whole education and third world genre of computers is coming of age (something else I post about around the blogosphere).

As prices drop with large scale production, these things will sell like hotcakes. The kicker is these computers are also designed to be semi-rugged.

I expect these lappies to start showing up in backpacks of school kids and extreme Road Warriors as soon as they are available (just in time for the Holidays), and considered as a backup at first by other Digital Nomads. This because of the size, weight, cost, but also the limited computing power out of the gate.

Another interesting factoid is that as a second thought, Asustek will offer a limited release of the Eee with an MS OS. All others with an open source Linux OS. Just more proof that as things get more mobile, more affordable, and more wireless, we will be looking at major changes in the mobile computing landscape.

Read more about what I think will be a major catalyst to cheaper widespread mobile computing by reading the following links, as Asus begins to build the Asustek brand, starting now and through 2008. Leave a comment and start a conversation about this. I would like to know your thoughts.

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