Disposable Passwords and Email Resources for Digital Nomads

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Ever come across a site when doing research, or just looking to read a quick news item when prompted to sign in or register as a user? It does get old...and let's face it, who wants to take the time to fill out those endless online forms.

Many digital nomads will just have an aversion to giving out information that may be compiled to create another user profile to bombard them with future online offers. BugMeNot just may be a welcome relief from these common problems.

This nomad has used this service pretty much since starting to blog full-time and finds it a terrific resource. The idea is to share login usernames and passwords in a pool for all those inane sign-ups that might be only rarely accessed.

The Concept from BugMeNot Website

"You're browsing the web and you click a link to an article on a site (let's say nytimes.com) but instead of getting the article you get a screen asking you to login or register. Infuriated at the idea of pointlessly registering for yet another site you turn to your good buddy bugmenot.com."

Digital Nomads should consider bookmarking this site and the next time confronted with this annoying proposition, just click through to the instructions and follow the four easy steps. www.BugMeNot.com

Here is a link to the handy "Instant Disposable Email".

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