Digital Nomads Get Free Conference Calling

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The name says it all and is very easy to remember. This nomad reviewer plans to use POWWOWNOW with my favorite Internet telephony service, JAJAH. And I see no reason why it would not work with several of any other VoIP, or other online telephony services offered. Link here to review the POWWOWNOW Partnership with Skype.

Expect Google Grand Central to eventually promote this type of service sometime in the future with its Grand Central virtual pbx. Until then, POWWOWNOW makes sense. The basic service is free, with an upgrade to Enhanced and Premium access available with paid business services.

With a fully enabled laptop tricked up for the latest wireless connectivity, digital nomads can make a nice platform for portable Internet conference calling when they are on the road.

Some nomads have had a separate SkypeIn number for their mobile computers for years. They can manage all inbound and outbound calls with a softphone. Now that is "being digital".

Benefits Listed From the POWWONOW Website

1. Instantly Set Up Conference Calls
Use anytime - no need to book - no need to have an account - simply access by dialing the Powwownow number and follow instructions. International callers from overseas can join conference calls.

2. Very Easy to Use
The conference call procedure is quick to initiate and easy to use. No special equipment / use any touch-tone telephone.

3. No Bills or Contracts
Open Access and Enhanced Access services are FREE - Pay only the cost of a national rate call. Premium packages offer negotiated rates for corporate customers who prefer a contract.

4. Digital-quality Service
System uses proven technology located in a Dedicated Data Center. Digitally connected to the telephone network, ensuring high-clarity speech reproduction.

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