Macromachine vs. Mircomachine

(Archived in: Nanotechnology Technology in Plain English)

Continuing the series on nanothech and mircomachines, here are photos and information on two extreme machines you probably have not seen, nor even heard about.

Ladies and's the world's largest working piston driven machine, and the world's smallest working machine, which happens to be a steam engine of all things. How strange that we are reverting back to steam with the new nanotechnology.

The world's largest engine is the Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C. A turbo charged two stroke diesel engine manufactured in Japan by Aioi Works / Part of Japans Diesel United Ltd. The 89 x 44 foot monster 12 cylinder engine is the most powerful and efficient low- revolution engine built.

Dr. Jeff Sniegowski and his team at Sandia Labs developed the small mircomachine steam engine using photo-engraving technology used in making computer chips. The piston is only 5 microns across, orapproximately half the size of a red blood cell (photo courtesy: Sandia National Laboratories, SUMMiT™ Technologies,

Click this Movie Link to see a Quicktime or AVI movie of this little engine in operation.

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