Nanotechnology and Micromachine Images

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This is a post series I keep trying to revisit. Reading up on nanotechnology and micromachines, it somehow should be noteworthy and does not get that much press. It is like a lot of science and technology that you never hear much about until it actually impacts our daily life. Pictured is a real image of a dust mite on a nano gear from Live Science Dot Com.

This has everything to do with Moore's Law and has huge implications for anything that has to do with computers. There are some amazing photos that you can review of real micro machines at Live Science Micromachine Photo Gallery. This stuff will knock you over. For a good definition of this new sport, go to "What is Nanotechnology".

At this scale, you won't find many images, mostly just diagrams and computer animations demonstrating concepts. I keep trying to find actual images the best I can, and will post them when I can with a few comments. This video from NEC does a pretty good job.

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