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I have been testing some ideas with regard to creating traffic, quality of traffic, and the value of Technorati and Alexa ranking. In short, it's all about traffic. Do some detailed online research and you find that Technorati may be a badge of honor for bloggers, but is miserable as a resource for traffic. Same goes for Alexa because of the somewhat arbitrary means of finding where your blogs and websites stand among all the urls out there. This is because Alexa does not track all websites and blogs.

This is not to say these two ranking systems are not worth some effort, for they do provide for some bragging rights and marketing opportunities. However, things like a solid linking strategy, and positioning on Google for search terms, like key words and phrases, will gain you more traffic in both the short term and the long term. Play the ranking game with Technorati and Alexa, and you will be having to replace old backlinks every 6 months and constantly updating to keep your spot in the queue.

This post really is about a one-stop tool called Xinu (and a skin of that website / take your choice) that you can use to see where you stand in terms of all of the available online metrics. It's a pretty convenient way to keep track of things without having to bounce around from website to website. Find it at Xinu Returns Dot Com, and for the nifty skin of this project go to Xinux Techhive Dot Net, pictured below.

Incidentally, if you did not catch it...Xinu is Unix spelled backwards. The screenshot shows that one of my blogs, has a rather poor Technorati rank over the one million mark, but a respectable and rapidly improving Alexa rank that has been as low as the 160,000 range. There is no rhyme or reason why these two ranking systems do not coincide somehow. The Rugged Notebooks Blog also does very well on an organic Google search without the support of an AdWords campaign.

I have spent most of my time on the RN blog crafting industry related posts, and developing a social network. This blog is less than 6 months old. It also is in a very narrow niche. What would you rather have...nice rankings or quality traffic?

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