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One thing about branding is that it is harder to compete in a crowded market. The concept of this blog continues to evolve. In my ongoing experiment, I have found that the key is feeding the Arpanet with content, developing a network of online assets, and creating authority.

Read all the "ebooks" and "How to Make Money Blogs" you want, but eventually you will figure out that it is not about Technorati, Page Rank and Alexa. Very few people can make a go of PPC, or any other "PP Anything" monetization model. My perception is that in the end, you will have to have a product and you will have to add value, and most probably in a "niche" market.

Today I did a search on "Digital Nomads" as a reality check of my branding efforts.

This blog is ranking well for an organic search, showing up several times with good position on the first page of Google. I have been taking notes of other websites and blogs somehow labeled with the "DN" moniker.

One url I found of interest is the "Digital Nomads Data Base". It struck me as an idea with promise, but it looks like the project has now been abandoned. There is no forum activity. It is an Internet no man's land. Too's a great name.

Perhaps it can be revived. I tried to join and leave some comments.

Here is a description of DNDB from the website /

"Welcome to the Digital Nomad database. This site is constructed of blogs, a wiki, forums, and the book module which we may or may not keep depending on how well it works. A digital nomad is a technologically related professional that travels. They could be an author, programmer, internet professional, or just a person who needs a phone during working hours. The common denominator is a computer and an internet connection. Depending on the job situation you may require a fast and stable connection 24 hours a day. On the other end of the spectrum you may not need any internet at all, maybe you communicate with your publisher via CD. Or maybe you are someone who just needs to have a phone on or nearby them at all times, reliable phone service would be your main concern. There are two aspects to the lifestyle which need to be taken care of. 1) travel and living. 2) your lifeblood, for me a computer and internet."

Well said. I will pick up on my earlier reporting and reviewing of other DN Related Websites. The Digital Nomads blog is the winner in my foray into blogging as an experiment, and it will now be the focus of my blogging efforts along with The Rugged Notebooks Blog.

I now view blogging as a support effort to other goals of marketing online. Yes, I still can be classified as a professional blogger, as I am being paid to blog. It now is time to move on to better marketing models for creating virtual income online.

If you are keeping tabs on my other blogs, you will see that I have changed my writing focus from constant blog posting to writing articles, and I no longer intend to "Feed the Blog". -Digital Nomad

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