Digital Nomads in China

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Yes Virginia, there are Digital Nomads in China...and they need and want the help of fellow bloggers around the world. I continue to try to recenter and focus on writing specifically about digital nomads, issues related to nomads, technology and information useful to nomads, and more importantly ways to become a digital nomad.

It's a tough niche. I keep reaching out, but true nomads are an odd lot. Sometimes hard to figure out if they are just introverts and unwilling to share, or just busy making their way through life.

This entry continues a general search on nomads. It's about free speech and government censorship. Given the state of world politics, issues that may be coming to a country near you.

" just released a new project called "Digital Nomads", a non-profit service supporting Chinese people (but not limited) to set up their independent blogs. The project, also supported by Social Brain Foundation, is especially designed for people's free speech and will serve those grassroots journalists as the topmost mission. "Digital Nomads" the name came from my speech in Accton Taiwan by the invitation of one of my best friends Joy Tang.

The service is actually inherited from early ideas of "Adopt a Chinese Blog" program by cnblog. As more and more blog hosting services in China started to cooperate with government censorship, many independent voices were actually blocked and slowed. Though there are some brave people started to fight with those "self-censorship"(from businesses) in relative weak legal context, seems the most direct way is to support bloggers to become real independent from those censorships in technical ways. So there comes the project idea and right volunteers teaming up."

Please review the background on it at "Adopt A Chinese Blogger", or "Digital Nomads Plan".

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