Some Digital Nomads Wheeling Around with The RV Crowd

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Digital Nomads and RV enthusiasts are much the same breed. Some RVers are just Digital Nomads with wheels. The recreational vehicle gig is something I have been reading about and it may evolve into a series of posts on the subject.

It looks like an interesting alternative lifestyle. Given all the websites and informational links for taking your home with you, it would appear that others find the RV life of interest as well. It's a refreshing idea from having everything engineered for travel with not much more than a backpack.

Romantic daydreams may conjure up visions of Digital Nomads roaming in far off places, hiking in Europe, living on the cheap in exotic cities, or sleeping on beaches in an island paradise. This also is usually how it is portrayed by the the well known tech travelers that get good press and write for the travel publications and popular travel sites.

It is estimated that over a million people in the US alone (including a new wave of baby boomers) have discovered this adventurous way to live and work. Some of the bonus points for RV travel include additional income opportunities, like working seasonally (workamping) or part time for the recreational industry, an RV related business, even trading work for services at campgrounds and RV parks that you may frequent as you plan your travels.

Here are a few links on the subject to consider viewing, while the different aspects of Rving are reviewed for future posts.

Good Sam Club
RV Travel Dot Com
Digital RV Dot Net
RV Basics
Go RVing

Let us know your experiences or tips for combining the RV lifestyle with mobile technology to stay connected as a Digital Nomad.

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