Get Used to Linux and Little Penguins

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I think you will find me writing even more about open source software now that we know that open+source are the code words for Google and its uber scheme for influencing the future of cell phone platforms and wireless interoperability.

In particular, Linux is of interest with all of its other intertwining nuances for VoIP and server side software. I think anyone that tries to brush off the importance that Linux will play in the future of computing will be sorely disappointed. I am not a techie, but just reading and researching Linux tells me that the penguins will continue to be a bigger deal, and they ain't gonna go away.

This post is also a shoutout for Open Source Community Dot Org, which I now enjoy as a continuous flow of information for everything related to the world of "Open Source". The move to open source, the move from the desktop to mobile computing, and the move of software from residing on individual PCs to online is very appealing. It feels like a natural progression toward being digital, and true ubiquitous computing.

This migration to mobility is all important for current digitalnomads, and the coming age of future Digital Nomads. I still am curious why a company like Google is reportedly buying up dark fiber, telephony companies like GrandCentral, and is still interested in bidding billions on the 700 MHz auction, if they don't have an eye on creating and controlling a third wireless pipeline.

Great developments for digital about you?

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