Mapping a New Trail for Digital Nomads

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This nomad been spending less time now on feeding blogs and much more time on research to hone original concepts for entry into the world of Internet marketing (and maybe dynamic) websites. I have had to broaden my search terms to include, NuNomads, Portable Professionals, Road Warriors, and the like.

Much thought has been given to changing the character and purpose of Digital Nomads, and the theme or tagline has changed from "Strategies for Making Money When You Want from Where You Want" to "Resources for Portable Professionals and Extreme Telecommuting".

This seems more appropriate and a better description and focus for how the Digital Nomads blog is moving forward. It also is more in keeping with the original idea of learning how to earn a living from anywhere with a laptop and a network of virtual businesses.

Not amazingly, other blog buddies and online acquaintances are coming to the same conclusions. Blogging on its own is a tough nut to crack as a full time gig. Many are now on a similar quest to get back to the business of learning more traditional online marketing, and therefore probably defining a niche, filling a need, and deciding how to offer useful products and services online.

Owning a network of related online businesses is starting to make total sense, instead of endless posts and swapping of repeat ideas about how to increase traffic. Unfortunately, it becomes painfully obvious that most mortals can't create income by just networking with other bloggers.

Most bloggers (and blogs) have little to offer other than theories on how to improve the flawed blog rank metrics, and it can be doubted that many individual bloggers are producing any significant income. (Yes, we all know that there are exceptions).

The currently available monetization schemes are simply not huge money makers. Blogging is probably best performed as it was originally a hobby or an avocation.

If you have really gotten into blogging and maintain bookmarks or feeds of your favorite blogs, then you may have noticed the majority of bloggers eventually lose interest, or quit all together.

This is what I sense and others have made the same notes. Read the comments on this post (Digital Nomads Database).

Blogging can no longer be a means to an end, but only a part of a bigger puzzle to successful online marketing that will have to be learned through trial and error. You can call it a rehash of an old adage, "Those who can, "Do", and those who can't..."blog".

Let's be honest. Anyone that truly knows how to make a buck online, probably is reluctant to share such valuable information in a $27.00 ebook, free online courses, or weekly "how-to" posts.

This is not meant to be a sour grapes post. It's only to admit that a realistic goal is to own a group of related virtual businesses, not to be some sort of "famous blogger". -Digital Nomad

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Resources for Portable Professionals and Extreme Telecommuting